Serenade To The Wind
Croatia | 59 mins | U
directed by Sanela Bajric

In 1937 La Scala Theater in Milan held a contest for a new opera. The winning opera should have been "La Serenata al Vento" (The Serenade to the Wind) composed by Aldo Finzi, a young, but already successful composer. But Aldo Finzi was Jewish, and racial laws were going to be enacted in a few months, so the contest was cancelled and the prize never awarded. From then on, the composer was forced to work anonymously. With the break out of the World War II, he, along with his family, had to hide to avoid deportation. The years that followed were full of fear and continuous danger, until his sudden death in 1945, just a few months before the end of the war. Aldo Finzi passed away prematurely, and without having seen his opera staged. Thanks to his family and friends’ efforts, his music has been performed and recorded during the past few decades. But there was one last composition that nobody has ever heard: “La Serenata al Vento”, the unlucky opera, had to wait 75 years to be finally brought to life.

Sunday 06 June - 13:00   Screen One


Born and raised in Croatia, after graduating from Applied art and Design School, comes to Italy to study filmmaking. Her award winning graduation documentary film about the city of Milan in the 1950s has been screened at many international film festivals. Successively obtains the Bachelor’s degree in Film history and the Master’s degree in Communication from the University of Milan. Since 2002 works as location manager, line producer and documentary researcher, for international companies.