One Moment
United States | 114 mins | U
directed by Deirdre O'Connor

A humorous, heart-warming story of middle-age siblings struggling to manage their lives and careers while also caring for their recently widowed aging father, Joe McGuinness. Joe, demanding and difficult, stubbornly believes he is still capable of running his own life which leads to some sad, but sometimes hilarious situations. Although the family is at odds as to how best care for Joe in his final years, they are united in wanting to ensure his well-being and help him find peace of mind – without them losing their own. Welcome to the "Sandwich Generation."

Thursday 03 June - 10:00   Screen Two


One Moment is Deirdre O’Connor’s directorial debut. After writing screenplays for many years and making several short documentary films, she decided it was finally her moment to write, produce, and direct a feature film. Deirdre, an Associate Professor of Communications, teaches film theory and video production classes at SUNY Nassau Community College in New York since 2004.